Get Going

Set up your account and get started on your first of 77 things – finding a mentor. A mentor is someone older than you who has your best interest in mind and you can completely trust.

After that, you can go through the list in any order. For each thing, set a goal, get some advice, and get started.



You can check off some of the 77 things pretty quickly, while others will take a little more time. Keep track of your progress by entering notes and adding completion dates for each thing on your list.

Your mentor can even follow your progress online, too! Whatever thing you do, just see it through to the end.



All done? Nice! Be sure to look back over your 77 Things and celebrate. From bonfires to mentors to Bible studies, you have done things that many people never even attempt in their lifetime.

We knew you could do it. Don’t let it stop now! Continue to journal, help others, grow closer to God, and dance in public places.


What's 77 Check all about?

Over the next four years, life is going to feel pretty busy with school, friends, activities, jobs, and more. But really, it’s the beginning of determining who you are and what you care about. You make time for what’s important to you. And when you’re intentional about how you spend your time, you can change your world.

77 Things is all about helping you make a positive, lasting, worthwhile difference. You’re not too young or too busy. Some of the 77 Things only take seconds, while others need a little more time and attention. Either way, your dedication to the list will pay off in the end. Not only for you, but for countless others.

This site will help you keep track of your 77 Things. You don’t have to go in order, you can skip around as it fits you that year. It’s important to set a goal and invite others to share this with you, especially a mentor. That way, you’ll know someone will be helping you keep moving forward.

It’s just one thing at a time…that will last a lifetime.